Test and Tag to AS/NZS:3760

Appliance Testing

Workplaces, Education Facilities, and Office Environments must be in a safe working condition.

To ensure this, all Portable Appliances including Extension leads, Multi-boxes, Power tools , RCDs and IT equipment need testing and tagging on a regular basis in accordance with the AS/NZS:3760.2010 (Joint Australia, New Zealand Standard).

We will implement a testing schedule, record the information and provide a detailed report (PDF format), for your H&S auditing requirements and provide notification when re-testing is required.

Most test and tag franchise companies will only test and tag. We are a “one stop shop” and any repairs required for compliance are carried out at the time of testing. This saves you the added time and expense of employing 2 companies to: 1/ Test and tag only 2/ Carry out repairs to make compliant.

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